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Gilson, Gordon: USS Yorktown (CV-5) and USS Henley (DD-391) - March 1942. (submitted April, 2010)

Gilson, Gordon: USS Saratoga (CV-3) and USS Ward (DD-139) - July 1938. (submitted April 2010)


East of Guadalcanal:
  USS Sabine  
    USS Washington     
      USS San Francisco

Homebound from Pearl:
   USS Phoenix 
    USS Pennsylvania

Battle of Savo Island:
   IJN Chokai  
     IJN Aoba


USS KiddBaton Rouge, LA
  5 inch Gun Directory
  5 inch Practice Loader
  5 inch Single Gun Turrets
  20 mm Guns
  40 mm Guns
  Bridge Details
  Depth Charges
  General Ship Photos
  Life Rafts & Floater Baskets
  Mast and Radar
  Search Lights
  Ship Hatches, Doors, & Deck Fittings
  Ships Interior
  Smoke Stack
  Torpedo Tupes
  Whale Boat

USS Alabama Mobile, AL
  5-38 Turrets
  16-45 Turrets
  16-45 Turrets Interrior
  20 mm Guns
  40 mm Guns
  Aircraft Catapult
  Aircraft Crane
  Anchor and Hull
  Composite Photos
  Deck Details
  Fore Mast
  General Pictures
  Interior Pictures
  Main Director
  Main Mast
  Secondary Directors
  Superstructure Photos

USS Drum (SS-228): Mobile, AL
  Exterior Views
  Interior Views  

USS Texas: San Jacinto St. Park, TX
  3 inch - 50 Cal AA Guns
  5 inch - 51 Cal Guns
  14 inch - 45 Cal Gun Turrets
  20mm AA Guns
  45mm AA Guns
  Aft Control Top
  Aircraft Crane Details
  Deck Hatches, Vents, etc.
  Forward Fighting Control Top
  General Ship Photos
  Hull Detail Photos
  Radar Details
  Ship's Plaques
  Sliding Collar Details
  Smokestack Details
  Superstructure General Photos
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