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Diorama Views of USS San Fancisco, USS Washington and USS Sabine:

East of Guadalcanal: East of Guadalcanal in early November 1942 the USS San Francisco, (CA-38) and USS Washington, (BB-56) refuel from the tanker USS Sabine, (AO-25). Both of these combat ships went on to win everlasting fame in the First and Second Battles of Guadalcanal. Their exploits could never have happened without the never-ending support of the fleet auxiliaries. USS Sabine would earn 10 Battle stars in WWII. The USS Sabine would go on to a long and distinguished career until being decommissioned in 1969. She served her country far longer than her more famous and powerful consorts.


Diorama Views of USS Phoenix and USS Pennsylvannia:

Homeward Bound: The USS Phoenix, (CL-46) and the USS Pennsylvania, (BB-38) steam toward San Francisco and the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in late December 1941. USS Pennsylvania will undergo repairs to bomb damage that occurred during the air raid on Pearl Harbor along with a short refit already scheduled before the attack. Pennsylvania would participate in patrols and training along the California coast until after the Battle of Midway when she would undergo a major refit that left her a new and revitalized ship. The USS Phoenix would undergo a very short refit to ready her for convoy duty during the early part of the war. She would escort convoys from the west coast to Pearl and later in Australian waters in the same capacity. Later she would revert to her original role as a combat ship earning 9 Battle stars in WWII.


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