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Above: The USS San Francisco, (CA-38) one of the great warships in American naval history. She was awarded 17 Battle Stars in WWII. For the actions of the crew and ship on the night of November 13, 1942. As acting as the surface force flagship while engaged with surface units of the Imperial Japanese Navy she was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. In the same engagment three of her crew were awared the Medal of Honor, one posthumous. Also Admiral Daniel Callaghan, surface group commander who was on board was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for his actions on that night.
She appears in Measure 11 - The Sea Blue System. All vertical surfaces painted Sea Blue, (5-S). All Horizontal wood or steel decks painted Deck Blue, (20-B).

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IJN Chokai appears at the moment of launching her first salvo of “Long Lance” torpedoes at the Allied Southern Cruiser Force in the opening stages of the battle of Savo Island, in the early hours of August 9th 1942. IJN Chokai was the Flagship of Japanese Vice Admiral Gunichi Mikawa who had taken senior command of IJN Cruiser CruDiv 6, (4) Heavy Cruisers, Rear-Admiral Goto Aritomo Commanding and two light cruisers, IJN Tenryu and IJN Yuari under Rear-Admiral Matsuyama Mitsuhara in a hastily arranged surface force to counter the first American amphibious offensive of the Pacific war at Guadalcanal. In the ensuing action Mikawa surface force dealt the American Navy its worst surface defeat in its history.


Why 1/700 scale?

Why Warship Hobbies?

There are quite a number of advantages 1/700 scale has over other ship modeling scales.

Cost: 1/700 is the least costly of any of the ship modeling scales. This extends to both ships and detail parts. Warship Hobbies is dedicated to help hold down cost. Please see our Check-Out Coupon and the Bundle section for ways to help you achieve your ship model ideas and save money in the process.

Subject Matter: No other scale comes close to the variety of subject matter available in 1/700 scale. The “cottage industry” has provided a tremendous number of auxiliary and support vessels, dockside and maintenance subjects that 1/350 cannot match. Please see our Resin section for auxiliary ships and hard to find subjects from Corsair Armada, Loose Cannon and White Ensign Models.

Detail: Detailing parts for 1/700 scale has exploded. There are tremendous amounts of Photo-Etch, Resin, White Metal and Injected Molding detailing parts to enhance your chosen subject matter to a level you cannot believe. See our in-house warship gallery for samples of finished products that incorporate products from manufactures like Gold Medal Models, Paper-Lab, White Ensign Models, Toms Modelworks, Pit-Road and Lions-Roar. We also carry anchor chains in 27 and 40 links per inch.

Paints: Warship Hobbies has taken an approach to provide the most historically accurate paints on the market for warship and aircraft modelers. We are proud to offer White Ensign Model Paints in warship and aircraft colors. Most colors are in stock for quick delivery. These paints are the most accurate paints for your project, great for airbrushing, thin and clean with high quality Lacquer Thinner, brushes on smooth.

Display and Storage: So you have worked long and hard on your project and now it’s time to set it up for display. By the very nature of the scale, 1/700 is ideal for bookshelf or desktop display. Think about it. A display for a 1/700 scale carrier is about 144 square inches. Compared to the display area needed for a 1/350 scale carrier – about 504 square inches. Hence the scale, A 2 to 1 ratio in display area. Again more bang for your buck. If a large diorama setting with multiple ships is in your plans, you can “dream up” endless display possibilities in a “reasonable” display area that is just not possible in 1/350 or other scales.

History:  Warships carry with them significant history. Each of our products is listed with as complete a history as possible, courtesy of Wikipedia. Some reading is exhilarating, some extremely tragic, but always interesting. We are not a research facility, but please take a look at our Links section for Photos and Video links for help on your projects or for interesting viewing.

Gallery and Forum: Warship Hobbies believes that we offer an interesting and complete website experience for the model ship enthusiast. Please visit our Forum to share your experiences and input on other peoples questions. .  Please Read the Forum Rules. As you complete your modeling projects, we welcome you to post your photos on our Gallery. Just email your photos to info@warshiphobbies.com  and include your name and some detail about the photo(s). All scales are welcome, all subject matter dealing in naval ships and the aircraft that fly from them are welcome.

Conclusion: At Warship Hobbies we hope to serve your ship modeling needs long into the future. As our company grows so will our product listing. Check out the Bulletin Board for news and announcements.  We are modelers here at Warship Hobbies. All dioramas are done in house. We go through the same problems, frustrations and sense of accomplishment that you do as you work through and finish your projects. But once done you are always ready for the next one and Warship Hobbies is here to help you see your next project through to the finish.

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Above: On the night of November 14, 1942, the USS Washington, (BB-56) became the only United States Navy "Fast" battleship to engage an enemy capital ship in open waters. During the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, after all other ships in her surface group were sunk or disabled the Washington under radar tactile control fought off a Japanese surface group consisting of (1) Battleship, (2) Heavy Cruisers, (2) Light Cruisers and (9) Destroyers. In the ensuing battle Washington sank the Japanese battleship IJN Kirishima and her secondary gunfire helped sink the destroyer IJN Ayanami. This action spelled an end to Japanese heavy shore bombardments of Henderson Field and the Marine and Navy pilots and ground crews on Guadalcanal. The USS Washington is painted in Measure 22, the Graded System. Navy Blue, (5-N) to be applied to the hull to the height of the main deck at its lowest point and in a horizontal line at the upper edge of the Navy Blue. All remaining vertical surfaces to be Haze Gray, (5-H). All horizontal steel and wood decks to be Deck Blue, (20-B).

Above: IJN Aoba follows IJN Chokai in the early morning hours of August 9th 1942 as the Battle of Savo Island is about to open. In this action she will follow the flagships lead and launch a spread of “Long Lance” torpedos at the American / Australian Southern cruiser force before opening up with their 8” main battery.



  We are the primary source for Coulorcoats Paints located in the USA.

Though shipping paints from our supplier in the United Kingdom  is expensive and slower than most worldwide shipments, we make ever effort to maintain a strong inventory  at the lowest prices possible.


Above: USS Phoenix, (CL-46) carried two SOC Seagulls on her voyage from Pearl to Mare Island. These aircraft and the one carried by USS Pennsylvania, still wear the peacetime color of overall Light Grey.

Above: Late October 1942: The USS San Francisco, (CA-38) and USS Washington, (BB-56) refuel east of Guadalcanal from USS Sabine, (AO-25). In mid November these two warships will fight two seperate engagments on two consecutive nights in the same waters - Iron Bottom Sound. On the night of November 13, 1942 the USS San Francisco will be involved in one of the most brutal surface engagments in naval history. The next night, November 14 Admiral Willis "Ching" Lee would coordinate from USS Washington's bridge, one of naval warfare's first "Radar Controled" engagments in a brillant strategic victory over a superior numerical Japanese task group.

Above:  The USS Pennsylvania, (BB-38) bound for Mare Island Naval Shipyard from Pearl Harbor in late December 1941. She will enter Mare Island to repair damage sustained in the air attack and to undergo a short refit that was scheduled before Pearl Harbor. USS Pennsylvania was awarded eight Battle Stars and a Navy Unit Commendation for her service during the war. Pennsylvania is painted in Measure 1 with natural wood decks.


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